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24 March 2010 @ 02:52 am
Probably the best experience of my life. Being in the mere presence of these amazing guys and also ELFs from all over Asia was absolutely unbelievable. Recount's under the cut, bbs~ Pictures are here  (Password: wookiessanti) ^^ 

Hanis and I left the hotel at around 4 something and ate at Wendy's with Mom and Omar. After that, we went to the Raja Chulan Monorail Station and took the monorail to Hang Tuah. From there, we took the train all the way to Bukit Jalil, which was like 7 or 8 stops away. In that train, we came across a lot of bitchy ELFs -_- Either Chinese or Filipino but whatever, okay. I was there to have fun, not get into fights with a few annoying fans.

Anyway, I called Cheryl and Florence when I got there. They were already in line and I couldn't find not even one of them ._. The queue for the Rock Pitts were really awful since everyone wanted a good spot. Hanis and I were lining up in the wrong queue for about an hour before this group of girls told us that we were supposed to queue up somewhere else. They were right so we went along there. I was looking for blue lightsticks but they had run out ): We did get these lollipops with fluorescent sticks but they were tiny ;~; A group of ELFs went around yelling ONLY BLUE because of the blue ocean but like, a lot of people were buying those cheap lightsticks that changed colors. It was interesting to see everyone's signs lol. Like Thank Kyu and Do It Do It Chu~L XD 

I totally regretted not ending up making any signs. Florence had gotten me my free torchlight for the Shining Star project but I couldn't find her so yeah ): Anyway, it started getting drizzly while we were still waiting to let us in so Hanis brought out her coincidentally blue umbrella xD People were passing us going "HAHAHA BLUE UMBRELLA", I guess only ELFs would laugh at something like that :/ We finally got in around six something, I think. I had my camera in my jeans pocket and as I opened my backpack for the guards to check through it, I covered the huge bulge lol. But we had to throw away our water bottles :| 

At 7pm, these 2 Chinese guys came out with their dancers and performed. Pretty good, I guess. After that some Malay artist came out doing a moonwalk and sang his song. I honestly didn't know who they were but I was kinda entertained anyway :D After that, we started doing crowd waves which started at the right side of the stadium all the way to the left side ^^ Bloody awesome, really. The intro VTR was fucking amazing, I'm not sure if Hanis caught it but yes~ So amazing. Some meteor hit Earth and out came the members of SuJu XD It's been used before, yeah, but they made it so incredible o_o Kangin was first to appear and omg, I screamed SO hard. Geng was really sessi too ;~;

I really don't want this to be that long, seriously. Let's just sum it up like this, kay? First song was A Man In Love: the boys executed the "tribal dance" so awesomely XD Neorago: As expected, I went all teary when Kangin and Geng's parts came on ): I always feel really touched when I listen to Neorago so I guess I did kinda cry a lot >_> Hyukjae did his usual tease-the-fangirls-with-my-sexy-shoulders routine which made me swoon lol. I WAS SWOONING IN ADEY'S PLACE OK >_> <_<

She Wants It: the backdrop were these comic strips that kept changing as the boys kept appearing on platforms everywhere onstage. At one point, Teukie came out in just his black tank top with a black umbrella x_______x Then they introduced themselves, even though everyone obviously knew who they were. Donghae did that backflip he kept doing in Full House when he was intro-ed as Sexy Fishy xD Wookie was Lovable Blurness and he did a killer ssanti dance ._. I WENT INSANE LOL. Teukie's so weird, he did this little move where he jumped up and down with his butt on the ground -_- I guess that's how Fallen Angels are like XD Shindong was spurting out all the wonderful English compliments he knew which had to include You are so gorgeous~, of course. Then he meekly said "Sorry.", which was so adorable I felt like running onstage, eheh.

Heechul made us yell SARANGHAEYO KIM HEECHUL! As if we minded since we really did love that little ... >_> <3 Kyu did a moonwalk xD Next, Angela: Shisus and Hae almost kissed XD But Hyukjae got there just in time~ There was an abundance of EunHae since they were always walking around together, arms around each other's waist. Miracle: I don't remember much but the members were walking around onstage, interacting with the fans :) After that was another long VTR where they showed the history of Super Junior. So touching ;~; They showed videos of their first wins and they had a lot of footage of Teukie crying..

Baby Baby, Min's solo, was next. One of my absolute faves which may or may not have Jonghyun covering it as a reason >_> But he was so gorgeous ._. Min was playing the keyboard on a revolving platform in the middle of the stage and later on, he walked off to give us all these sexy smoldering looks as he sang~ I was singing along and the hoe on my left *Hanis was on my right* kept glaring at me -_- WTV K IDGAFFFFF Anyway, Beautiful was after that and it's also one of my faves *O* Hanis was spazzing so hard xD I took pictures when Hyukjae came out and they turned out.. okay, I guess. My fave set of pictures from the whole show aside from Wookie's Insomnia pictures ^^

Before Insomnia was Yesung's solo <3 I admit that I never really paid much attention to it but when you're there and you hear it LIVE, it is just heart-wrenching. Plus he was really gorgeous too in his simple black shirt and black jeans outfit >_< AND THEN WOOKIE CAME OUT AND STARTED SINGING INSOMNIA. I went absolutely batshit crazy because hands down, Insomnia is my favorite cover in the whole entire world. He was effing hot, ughhghghh. Then suddenly, some lady came out in this skimpy black get-up and started dirty dancing with Wookie D: Hanis said exactly this, "why does it seem like we're watching the beginning of a lesbian porno?" XD WAYLT UNNIE. She's really convinced that Wookie likes men and was visioning that he was dancing with a SuJu member instead <_< 

Kyu came up next and I really wanted him to sing 7 Years of Love but he sang a Chinese song titled Forgive Me, instead. But nevertheless, Kyu never fails to amaze with that beautiful voice of his ;~; What If was after that and Min joined them halfway, perfectly blending in his voice with theirs as they were moving around and around on the same platform Min was on earlier. Then, Heartquake: Hyukjae was on this rising platform that went up when it was his turn to rap and went back down while K.R.Y. sang XD Once, the platform didn't go back down so he was just standing there while we were all screaming at him ehehhh. 

Teukie's solo was after that and omg, why are they all so goddamn hot ._. He had a fake kiss with the main dancer but apparently, it failed because I saw Teukie laughing while he was "kissing her" XD When that was done, suddenly a figure came up and it was the LAUGOD OMFG. His hair was shorter than usual, kinda like Kyu's. Anyway, he played the violin while Chullie performed Sonata of Temptation, which I remember him performing once on Star King when the song first came out xD It was by Ivy lol. Chullie was so pretty dsfihjsdfufsd. And he almost kissed Henry XD And WOOKIE WAS ON THE KEYBOARDDD but it was so dark where he was so I could barely see him ): 

Then the VTR for Don't Don came on which was real fucking sexy because it had Geng, Teukie, Donghae, Shisus and even YESUNG getting into a fight with this gang. OMFG Yesung ._______. YESUNG YESUNG YESUNG. The punches were probably fake but still x______x Then the VTR stopped and we saw that the boys were split into two. Left stage was Hyukjae, Wookie, Kyu and Teukie. Right was Hae, Shisus, Shindong, Chullie and Min. For some reason, I can't find Yesung ._. They were inching closer and closer to each other and were about to start fighting til HENRY TO DA RESCUEEEE WITH HIS VIOLIN <3 Then it was Twins, which was H.O.T.

They performed Our Love next and we did our fan chant which was pretty much just screaming SARANGHAEYO [name of the member singing]! Shindong bullied Kyu by pushing him away so he could lip-synch xD Then Hyukjae and Shindong started dancing like maniacs even though they were still singing -_- <3 The next performance was Puff the Magic Dragon, Chullie as Puff and Shindong as Jackie Paper XD I always thought Jackie was a little kid like five but they made Shindong wear a baby's outfit :O Random members would appear to bother the twosome but PuffChul always chased them away with his "farts" XDD And when Wookie came up, he had a fake snake attached to his ass and he did the Mister dance! Idk ok but I was unusually fangirling SO HARD over Wookie >_> Then PuffChul got caught, which signified the end of the song~

Another VTR was played, showing unseen dance scenes from the Sorry Sorry Answer MV shoot. Teukie, Kyu, Hyukjae, Hae and Shindong performed the same choreo from the MBC Dance Battle ^^ Then suddenly they took out a white ribbon and re-enacted that slow motion run which resulted in Shindong winning XD They also did some lip-synch stuff, which reminded me of the little shows they did after each episode of SuJu Show :3 Henry got his solo after that and it was in ENGLISH PRAISE SHISUS DSFHJ. It was so fucking hot, srsly ;~; I was cheering so loud for him, dem hoebags in front of me were shooting me more death glares =.= Shisus' solo, Who Am I, was next and I was laughing so hard that he'd sing this type of song in a Muslim country XD Nvm, SHISUS SAAAAVES <3

Then it was SJM's two perfs, Blue Tomorrow and Super Girl. OHMYFUCKINGGOD, MIMI IS JUST EIUFHEWFUHDJ UNF UNF UNFFFF. He's so perfect ._. Shining Star was next and I really just cried and sang along. I almost couldn't breathe, the ELFs turned off their lightsticks and turned on their white torchlights, and it was just ... idk ok I really can't seem to describe it. Teukie and Hae were crying. I'm not sure but I think Chullie was crying too? ;~; Kyu somehow got a torchlight and waved along.

Sorry Sorry Rearranged began after they played the version of the Answer MV with Kangin in it T-T So I was right all along, my husband really was in there.. Nobody really bothered with the fan chants for Sorry Sorry since we all knew the lyrics anyway xD Shortly after, the opening VTR for Chu~<3 showed where Luna found Sulli at the urinary in the toilet XD Face was peeled off to reveal SulHee! Krystal = Hyukjae, Victoria = Shindong and Luna = Wookie gahahahahahah. And it just goes without saying that Hae would be Amber~

Shindong did a flip after the rest formed some kind of ramp xD The rest was a slight blur since they launched themselves into performance after performance. Rokkugo! then SJH songs~ Next VTR was Heechul's Messed Up Fairytale and since I'm real lazy, I'll just copy + paste what happened from someone else's fan account:

"It was something along Cat Heechul was bored, and then he met Fishy Donghae who went excited and asked him “Where are we going? Where are we going?” Somewhere along the story, Anchovy Eunhyuk appeared out of nowhere and met Dinosaur Leeteuk. Cat Heechul said, “They become good friends. I have a feeling they will be DJs together.” LOL Somewhere along the story, Siwon appeared and said “Hallelujah! Someday..” LOL Then Pig Shindong appeared, eating the poisonous apples, followed by Cow Sungmin and Bull Kangin. Bull Kangin wanted to try on the glass slipper and it ended up broke because his foot was too big LOL Next, Cat Heechul found Kangaroo Kyu playing Starcraft in an internet café. The hand on the screen was doodling a Kangaroo Kyu playing Starcraft without forgetting to give him heavy bags under his eyes. Then Heechul said, “He got many pimples! Draw some pimples!” The hand obeyed and drew dots on Kangaroo Kyu’s face LOL Kangaroo Kyu was singing 7 Years of Love when suddenly he went, “Ouch! Ouch! My armpit hair hurts!” Turned out Cat Heechul was trying to get into the internet café by climbing up Kangaroo Kyu’s armpit hair MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Next was Rabbit Ryeowook being challenged for a race by Tortoise Yesung and somehow the story ended~"

This was all drawn by someone while Chullie narrated the whole story xD Poor Kangin when the glass slipper broke T~T After the VTR, the boys came out in their T-shirts with their animal characters on them, singing Carnival <3 Somewhere between Carnival and Wonder Boy, they brought out the water guns and started shooting the audience. Too bad I was too high up to get shot ._. Marry U was next and efwuifhowefhwei <333333 SO CUTE T.T WHY OH WHY KANGIN CLDN'T YOU BE THERE

Then they spent their time saying their Thank You's ^^ I was just dhfkddhfd nuuuuu don't end yet ;-; Hae was the last to exit the stage, sending us all air-kisses and not forgetting to give Hyukjae a kiss too XD The best three hours of my life. The show ended at 11pm so Hanis and I left the stadium and got drinks and some snacks to eat on the way back. We took the train back to Hang Tuah but the monorail to Raja Chulan was closed so we decided to walk home. Real fucking tired but it was just so worth it (Y)

Dinner, yes. I am hungry. Bye~<3
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